Tools for Individualized Student Learning
Because of the dynamic nature of student reporting, teachers can easily identify students who need extra assistance or more challenges, view the next college and career standards to teach for a small group of students or individuals, and access key learning strategies to use in working with those students. BEACON makes individualized student learning interventions more easily manageable by providing data that is easily accessible and linked directly to the assessment and standards.

Helping Students Stay on Track
DRC BEACON provides the feedback needed for grades 3–8 students to master grade-level academic requirements, and to help teachers plan instruction and administrators make well-informed decisions. BEACON’s content represents current college- and career-ready expectations. Up to three administrations during the year provide projected growth data toward end-of-year targets and pinpoint skill areas needing additional attention. Intuitive reports make it easy to track student progress and guide learning all year, so you are never without the data you need to make timely decisions about what individual students need, or what programs need to be successful.