Interactive Reporting

Innovative, Interactive Suite of Reports
DRC BEACON’s interactive reporting suite allows educators to dig deeper into a student’s performance, with dynamic, on-demand data presentations that adjust based on user input. The robust reporting solution allows educators to more carefully design instructional interventions based on benchmark data. Teachers, in collaboration with parents and students, can set goals and plan instructional interventions to assist students in making the greatest growth in academic achievement.

District and school building leaders can monitor the progress over time of students and classrooms, informing building and districtwide academic improvement planning.

  • A student’s score is compared to other students with similar scores to assess whether the student is experiencing low, moderate, or high growth.
  • Reports include information on the predicted score range for the state summative test.

"Once they’ve taught a skill, [teachers] can immediately look at those reports and see, ‘My students have mastered what I just taught,’ or ‘I have some remediation that I need to do.’ The reports have allowed us to make data-driven decisions and see in real time what our students are learning throughout the school year."

— Laural Heard, Professional Learning Director/System Testing Coordinator, Cook County Schools

Measure Student Performance and Growth

Quickly review scale scores, performance by content domain, and growth progression with the Individual Student Report. Performance levels are based on the premise that at the beginning of the year and throughout the year, students are engaged in learning and are working their way towards being on-track at the end of the year.

Reveal More with Interactive Reporting
Teacher-friendly dashboards provide immediate and informative results to support instruction.

Personalize Instruction for Each Student
Individual learning progressions help you differentiate instruction by identifying what your students are ready to learn next and where to focus efforts for maximum impact.