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Think a Step Ahead

Predict student performance on state summative assessments with DRC BEACON.

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Educator Voices

Explore best practices from educators who helped their students move forward with BEACON.

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Find Meaning in the Data

Immediate, purposeful reports give you clarity on the next steps to take in the classroom.

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Targeted Learning Strategies

Standards-based instructional strategies help your students stay on track.

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Why Educators Choose DRC BEACON

Hear how educators in Georgia use DRC BEACON to measure student learning, improve instruction, and achieve growth throughout the school year.

How has DRC BEACON helped you
improve instruction in the classroom?

How have DRC BEACON reports informed
you about what students have learned?

BEACON helps improve instruction in the classroom by allowing teachers to see where students are and which foundational skills may need reinforcement. Having that knowledge prior to a lesson helps us plan the differentiation more effectively.

— Robert “Trey” Ezekiel, III, Ed.D., Director of Assessment, Clarke County Schools

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Assessment Solutions

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Your time is valuable.
Make the most of it with immediate insights that guide instruction and learning.

Interactive Reporting

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Understand what every
student needs next.
We give you high-quality tools to personalize instruction for each student.

Personalized Learning

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Minimize testing, maximize learning.
Meet students where they are today with tailored questions that adopt to their learning level and save them time.

Adaptive Model

What Can DRC BEACON Do for You?


Offers interim assessments for ELA and math in grades 3-8

Supports formative instructional practices

Is administered on the user-friendly DRC INSIGHT platform

Provides students with the tools and accommodations they already use


Uses a computer-adaptive algorithm to pinpoint student performance

Generates immediate student results

Provides predicted score ranges on end-of-year assessment

Opportunity to check learning and monitor progress throughout the year

Uncover the Best Path in Lesson Design
Whether you assess all content in a course or focus on single topics, using testlets can help you better understand where students need support in the classroom.

Cook County Schools
A Georgia school district shares how they use DRC BEACON to differentiate instruction and help students prepare for the state summative test

Get to Know DRC BEACON
Everything you need to know about using DRC BEACON to measure progress and achieve growth throughout the school year.