Adaptive Model

Because the test adapts to the student’s level, results have more relevant data in shorter time. Fewer test items are needed to get results. Reports come back with specific data identifying what support a student needs. This means more time for instruction and learning.

  • Adaptive test engine selects items based on the student’s previous responses
  • Test determines student level of performance with fewest possible items
  • Reports show domain level, performance levels, and growth throughout year
  • Able to show performance at/above/below grade level, comparative information, and which content
    standards need additional attention at the group level
  • Growth reports with a predicted range of performance on the end-of-year state assessment
Familiar Online Platform
Everyone benefits when there are fewer systems to learn in a school/ district. DRC BEACON is delivered on DRC INSIGHT™, a well-known and respected system already used by many schools nationwide.

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