Assessment Briefs

Assessment Tips to Succeed in the Classroom

Assessment Is a Coin that Buys You Time
It has been said that time is the coin with which to purchase learning. High-quality assessment is the coin that will buy you critical time in the classroom by supporting effective and efficient practices. Knowing what every student needs next helps everyone.

Actionable Reporting Makes Assessment Worth Your Time
ASSESSMENT BRIEF (coming soon)
Immediate and detailed results guide classroom instruction and enhance both teaching and learning. High-quality tools that provide insights and suggest steps to take based on a student’s readiness data make investing in assessment a high value in your classroom. Truly actionable analytics empower classroom and school leaders to move beyond data analysis by turning insights into opportunities to help students succeed.

What is a CAT assessment? Why do you care?
A computer-adaptive test (CAT) provides questions selected dynamically based on a student’s previous responses. Computer-adaptive assessment minimizes testing time and pinpoints student learning quickly. Test difficulty that is tailored to each individual student means reducing testing time.

Testlets Are Powerful Tools for Formative Instructional Practice
Testlets can be selected by educators to assess specific content or all content in a course. Assessing a single reporting category provides focused information on content just presented or to understand the best path in lesson design and delivery. Used formatively, the just-in-time information allows both educators and students to efficiently understand a targeted learning status since all items are related to a single reporting category.