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Checking for student learning should not be limited to once at the end of the year in a summative test. Today’s students want to know where they stand, parents want to know if their children are on track, and teachers need to know how they can adjust instruction in their classrooms in order to maximize student learning. The DRC BEACON interim assessment does exactly that—it checks for student learning with real-time online reports at multiple points throughout the year.
DRC BEACON is an integrated system of assessment and learning that:

Offers interim assessments for ELA and math in grades 3-8
Is administered on the user-friendly DRC INSIGHT platform
Uses a computer-adaptive algorithm to pinpoint student performance
Generates immediate student results
Allows teachers the opportunity to check for learning and monitor progress throughout the year

ILLUMINATING. To support teachers, DRC BEACON sheds light on where a student is today and what a student needs to learn tomorrow.
ADAPTIVE. DRC BEACON is offered in both English Language Arts and Mathematics for grades 3–8 in an adaptive online format, with a K–2 offering to follow. The online adaptive format allows students, parents, and teachers to have a more accurate picture of achievement as the item difficulty adjusts to student ability levels and pinpoints a realistic indication and diagnosis of “where students are.”
FLEXIBLE. With its flexible format, educators can assess all grade-level content, one subject area (math, reading, or language arts), or provide shorter, more focused testlets that assess only one topic (e.g., geometry in mathematics). If needed, BEACON can also be administered remotely.
FAST. BEACON’s adaptive format yields detailed information about student performance with less testing time.


Immediate, interactive reports of student results, providing data analysis and planning for intervention grouping
Flexibility in testing all subjects comprehensively or shorter testlets
Results linked directly to standards and corresponding learning strategies
Growth measures of students across administrations
Timely information to target instruction and make informed decisions

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